Division of Fashion Management

Proposing a fashion business that thrives in unison
with global fashion sensibilities.

Keiya Tokuoka
Chairperson, Division of
Fashion Management

The Division of Fashion Management, aims to nurture managers of fashion companies, producers, and entrepreneurs. Students from various majors at the undergraduate level, as well as working adults and foreign students from all over the world mainly from Asia, have been enrolled.

We offer a multifaceted education that meets the needs of diversified students, in order to nurture a balanced knowledge of planning and business methods for fashion management, as well as the logical thinking required for global business. The fashion business is a fast-changing market and a world that requires bold challenges from young people.

It is also a world where business aims to satisfy the taste and sensibilities of every person, and deliver a “fulfilled mind.” I am hoping to see BFGU graduates join hands to venture into the global market with their own business enterprises.