Division of Fashion Creation

Confront yourself, and look at the society.

Yasunari Yoshida
Chairperson, Division of
Fashion Creation

In the rapid and ever-changing society nowadays, what are the keys to create fashion business in our next generation?

First, it is originality that is established on the deep confrontation with yourself, and the second one is the unconscious desire that society and people in the society haven’t noticed yet. Fashion creation is a major study to explore, in two years’ time, the potential of the new intelligence-creation business that born from the combination of these essential elements. The potential of business is unlimited as long as there are brand founders who value creativity above all, who care about the texture of the clothes, modelists who plan business items, builder of platforms for creations, etc.

The major study consists of two courses- the fashion design course, and the fashion technology course. With the different angles for the global market, let’s start our creation for our diverse fashion business in the next generation.