Division of Fashion Creation

Boldly imagine, and realize the future

Yasunari Yoshida
Chairperson, Division of
Fashion Creation

What are the necessities to create the fashion business for the next generation in our unpredictable and uncertain modern society?
That’s definitely imagination. Please boldly imagine a brand-new business model for the industry, along with fashion items and new brand images. That is, in fact, a constitution of your thinking for the exciting future while considering international values and resources based on your individual culture and subjectivity. By doing that, you are able to see the difference between imagination and reality.
Then, you figure out the solution while working on your creation based on your preset research objectives as effort to tackle the differences. Maybe you can also come to encounter new idea in the creation process. You are then transcending and moving closer to your imaginary world indeed.
We, our academic associates and I, would love to support the imaginary process for your variety of values and future. Let’s work hard for your individual research.