Fashion Technology Course

With a curriculum emphasizing fieldwork, we aim to nurture students who will be capable of becoming modelists and pattern makers immediately upon graduation.

Acquire the Ability to Create, Apply, and Propose in the Field of Fashion Production.

The Fashion Technology Course aims to develop human resources who commercialize fashion design. To create a product from a design drawing, the technologist, such as a modelist, must be familiar with a wide range of areas from planning to production. To this end, students in this course will acquire design and production skills for the embodiment of clothes design, application skills of advanced technology that can lead to the expansion of design, and proposal skills that can link advanced technology to commercialization. Using the graduate school’s well-equipped facilities and equipment, this two-year course will be conducted under the guidance of professors and lecturers who are all practitioners with extensive experience in the planning and production industry.

Curriculum composition

In the Fashion Technology Course, the curriculum is categorized into the ability to create, the ability to apply, and the ability to propose. Under the guidance of practitioner-teachers about the actual production industry, students acquire the respective knowledge, skills, ideas, and strategies through stages over two years and aim to become industry-ready fashion technologists.


Build up design and production skills for clothes-making
  • Production Systems I
  • Fashion Technology (Theory) I
  • Fashion Technology (Practical) I
  • Apparel CAD Pattern Making I
  • Apparel 3DCAD I
  • Apparel Ergonomics I
  • Apparel Ergonomics II
  • Production Systems II
  • Materials Theory
  • Production Management
  • Luxury Clothes-Making Methods


Aim at evolving clothes-making using new knowledge and technologies
  • Basic Research & Collection
  • Fashion Technology (Theory) II
  • Fashion Technology (Practical) II
  • Apparel 3DCAD II
  • Apparel & Textiles (Practical)
  • Creative Pattern Making
  • Computerized Knitting
  • Characteristics / Application of Materials
  • Textile Design
  • Knitting CAD I
  • Knitting CAD II
  • Technical Fabrics (Practical)
  • Fashion Trends


Connect technology to commodification
  • Final Research & Collection
  • Fashion Business Methods (Practical)
  • Internship Program in Technology
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Thinking
  • Global Business Management
  • Global Product Strategy
  • Figure-based Management
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Product Planning for Designers Brands
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Digital Fashion Illustration
  • Business Law
  • Launching a Fashion Brand (Practical)
  • Spoken English for Fashion
  • Introduction to Fashion Business

Completed Research & Creation

Completed Research & Creation : Fashion Technology Course
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