Fashion Technology Course

We train fashion product directors and pattern designers,
who connects designers with production sites.

The students acquire advanced fashion technology in a curriculum focuses on “activities on location”.

The aim of the fashion technology course is as follows: We aim at “training talented people to produce commercially fashion designs”. We train “pattern makers”, “fashion product directors”, and “textile planners”, who are thoroughly acquainted with the production on site and the characteristic feature of materials. Fashion technologist such as pattern designers must become an authority in wide number of fields, from planning to production, to produce fashion commercially from the design drawings. “Pattern making” including the “characteristics of the material”, “manufacturing technique”, “production cost”, “material supply” and suchlike are various other things can be given as an example of the fields, which should be studied. Accordingly, in this course we have adopted a training centred on a curriculum focusing on “activities on location”.

Experienced business people will instructing you.

All the professors and lecturers of this course are experienced business people, who have acquired an abundant experience in the planning rooms and on the productions lines. They are also technical directors, owners and factory manager of sewing and textile factories, and pattern makers of first class brands. Moreover, the college has prepared for standard equipment such as an industrial engineering practical facility, a computer room with computers provided with CAD software for designing apparel, ultrasonic sewing machine and suchlike such as found in a textile factory. The students will complete a design field of study to learn creation, textile design and management field of study to learn to practice the business of fashion in connection with the technology field of study. For example, they will learn about “Global Product Strategies”, which explore practical planning, the supply and planning of production and sales plan of fashion products, and “Clothing Dismantling Practice”, which explore the specifications of ready-made suits by disassembling and re-sewing them. For two years, the students will be trained as fashion technologist, who can take immediately effective action.

Curriculum composition

  • Apparel CAD Pattern Making I
  • Apparel CAD Pattern Making II
  • Apparel Production
  • Apparel & Textiles (Practical)
  • Apparel Ergonomics I
  • Apparel Ergonomics II
  • Internship Program in Technology
  • Basic Research & Collection
  • Graphic Design
  • Creative Textiles
  • Creative Pattern Making
  • Global Business Management
  • Global Product Strategy
  • Figure-based Management
  • Computerized Knitting
  • Final Research & Collection
  • Production Systems I
  • Production Systems II
  • Characteristics / Application of Materials
  • Materials Theory
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Textile Design
  • Textile Development Cultures (Practical)
  • Product Planning for Designer Brands
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Digital Fashion Illustration
  • Knitting CAD I
  • Knitting CAD II
  • Technical Fabrics (Practical
  • Business Law
  • Spoken English for Fashion
  • Fashion Technology (Theory) I
  • Fashion Technology (Theory) II
  • Fashion Technology (Practical) I
  • Fashion Technology (Practical) II
  • Fashion Product Performance (Practical)
  • Introduction to Fashion Business
  • Fashion Business Methods (Practical)
  • Fashion Product (Practical)
  • Fashion Product (Theory)
  • Launching a Fashion Brand
  • Fashion Trends
  • Logical Communication

Completed Research & Creation

Completed Research & Creation : Fashion Technology Course
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