Fashion Technology Course

Learn technologies in a wide scope so as to become a global fashion modelist.

Create fashion with the ability to “create”, “apply”, and “communicate”.

Our fashion technology courses aim to “cultivate modelists to become proactive global leaders”. To create products, the modelist must be familiar with a wide range of fields from planning to production. Therefore, our courses focus on “the ability to design and produce so as to embody garment design”, “the ability to fuse technologies with design”, and “the ability to communicate for linking up technologies with commercialization”. Under the guidance of our professors and lecturers who have a lot of experience in the field of planning and production, students are able to acquire the captioned abilities intensively in two years at our extensive facilities and equipment.

Curriculum composition

The curriculum of our fashion technology courses is classified and organized by “the ability to create”, “the ability to apply”, and “ability to communicate” so students are able to acquire knowledge, techniques, and ideas. They are able to learn technologies from a wide range of perspectives under the guidance of our academic staff from various fields.


  • Basic Research & Collection
  • Fashion Technology (Theory) I
  • Fashion Technology (Practical) I
  • Fashion Business Methods (Practical)
  • Apparel 3D CAD I
  • Apparel 3D CAD II
  • Apparel CAD Pattern Making
  • Apparel & Textiles (Practical)
  • Apparel Ergonomics
  • Internship Program in Technology
  • Creative Thinking
  • Sustainable Fashion I
  • Sustainable Fashion II
  • Characteristics / Applications of Materials
  • Materials Theory
  • Textile Design
  • Product Planning for Designer Brands
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Draping I
  • Knitting CAD I
  • Knitting CAD II
  • Technical Fabrics (Practical)
  • Aesthetics
  • Spoken English for Fashion
  • Production Techniques I
  • Sewing Basics
  • Luxury Clothes-making Methods
  • Fashion Trends


  • Final Research & Collection
  • Fashion Technology (Theory) II
  • Fashion Technology (Practical) II
  • Global Business Management
  • Global Product Strategy
  • Computerized Knitting
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Digital Fashion Illustration
  • Draping II
  • Launching a Fashion Brand (Practical)
  • Production Techniques II

Completed Research & Creation

Completed Research & Creation : Fashion Technology Course
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