Fashion Design Course

Building on your sensibilities, skills, and knowledge, pave your own way to becoming the world’s leading owner and designer of your original brand.

Attaining the ability to “Create”, “Envision”, and “Manage” is essential for fashion designers.

The education goal of our fashion design course is “to nurture designers who can realize new intellectual property values”. After all, what are the abilities to achieve this goal? First, it’s “Create” for creating and molding. Understanding the essence of clothes is the foundation of design. Next, it’s “Envision” to imagine and generate ideas. It helps to transcend your ideas and your designs. Finally, it’s “Manage”- the ability to link up “Create” and “Envision” with considerations from the business viewpoint. In other words, it’s like the engine to realize all your designs as a business. This course aims to foster the three abilities above. The curriculum covers all details from creation to management. Let’s fly up high to the world with the two-year learning foundation in this course.

Curriculum composition

The Fashion Design Course offers a wide variety of subjects ranging from practical subjects designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills about fashion to management-related subjects linking design with business. Along with the lectures, students work on a research project with an aim to build their own brands in two years and learn how to give concrete shapes to their own concepts. In the first semesters of the first year and second year, they present their concepts. They will create 13 to 18 items in the first year and 15 to 20 items in the second year.


  • Basic Research & Collection
  • Nurturing Creativity I
  • Fashion Design & Society I
  • Fashion Business Methods (Practical)
  • Presentation (Practical) I
  • Art & Design
  • Advanced CAD Fashion Design
  • Apparel 3DCAD I
  • Apparel 3DCAD II
  • Apparel CAD Skills
  • Apparel Production Management
  • Apparel & Textiles (Practical)
  • Apparel Ergonomics
  • Internship Program in Design
  • Sustainable Fashion I
  • Sustainable Fashion II
  • Materials Theory
  • Product Planning for Designer Brands
  • Design Development
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Knitting Patterns & Design
  • Introduction to Japanese Art
  • Aesthetics
  • Spoken English for Fashion
  • Fashion & Culture
  • Fashion Trends


  • Nurturing Creativity II
  • Final Research & Collection
  • Fashion Design & Society II
  • Presentation (Practical) II
  • Global Business Management
  • Global Product Strategy
  • Computerized Knitting
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Digital Fashion Illustration
  • Launching a Fashion Brand (Practical)

Completed Research & Creation

Completed Research & Creation : Fashion Design Course
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