Fashion Business Administration Course

The students will acquire management skills as a driving force behind the industry through wide range of research activities.

“The students will promote their own business in the global fashion community and will insure its growth” For those who love fashion, they will never find a better work worth doing. In this fashion business administration course, the students will be able to acquire the knowledge and expertise to succeed in every possible scene encountered in the fashion business. They will learn extensively about “business development including brands and stores”, “business management, including planning, production, distribution, public relations, and sales”, and “business management including strategy proposals, organization operation, career development program, and financial affaires”, which are the subjects of research. Moreover, the course covers not only the fashion apparel makers, which are the subject of the course, but also fashion distribution companies, such as speciality stores, department stores and shopping centres. Hence, the course will train the students as producers, managers, entrepreneurs, who will hoist fashion industry in the future, by learning business theories specializing on the fashion industry.

The students will design their own business plan through research activities in a span of two years.

The graduate students will strengthen their total understanding of fashion while studying hard-core theories in the management field of study along the technology field of study and design field of study, after learning the foundation of the fashion business first in the intensive introductory subjects at the time of entering the school. At the same time, they will learn extensively about management, such as accounting, logistics, law, theories necessary for managing a store, and will master operational expertise at the departmental level. In the second year, they will draw up their own business plans for the brand and store, which they would like eventually to start in the future, while they study applied theories relevant to corporate management and financial affairs. Moreover, besides jointresearch with industries or internship, they must apply themselves to “finish a research project” to obtain the master degree.


Apparel Production Management I
Apparel Production Management II
Apparel Product Illustration (Practical)
Apparel Modeling
Apparel Merchandising
Business Administration
Basic Research Project I-A
Basic Research Project I-B
Basic Research Project II-A
Basic Research Project II-B
Global Negotiation
Global Business Management
Global Product Strategy
Management Information System (Practical)
Management Strategy
Figure-based Management
Color Theory
Final Research Project
Store Planning (Practical
Materials Theory
Intellectual Property Management
Textile Production
Design Management (Practical)
Digital Fashion Business Creation
Business Law
Visual Merchandising (Practical
Fashion Product Basics I
Fashion Product Basics II
Business English for Fashion
Fashion Business Start-up Case Studies
Fashion Business Entrepreneurship
Fashion Business Economics
Fashion Business Methods (Practical)
Fashion & Culture
Fashion Marketing
Field Project
Brand Management (Theory)
Brand Management (Practical)
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Research
Material Planning (Practical)
Retail Management
Logical Communication