Fashion Design Course

The students will study fashion business theory with the sensitivity and art of a designer.

There are two pillars in the fashion design course: a) “Mastering a broad knowledge and the art to venture as an ownerdesigner”. b) “Research activities to produce an original brand”. In this course, a curriculum composed to enable the students to master the skills of creating a design acceptable internationally and to unite the means with the sensitivity of linking the design value to a business. We have established an intense course to meet the various profiles of graduate students, such as foreign students and graduates from Colleges of Fine Arts. The course covers a wide range of subjects, from mastering the fundamental knowledge and art of fashion to subjects related to the field of study in management for students, who are thinking of venturing into business, and for those who are thinking of working as designers in the future, such as “Fashion Business Entrepreneurship” and “Global Business Seminar”.

Research activities to create a score of work of art in a span of two years.

Students will commence research activities based on a concept, which they have planned, in parallel with the lectures, immediately upon completion of the period for learning the basic facts and art. In the first term of the first year, they must present the concept of their respective research and submit ten to fifteen pieces of work of art in the final term of the first year. By the end of the second year, they must submit fifteen to twenty pieces of work of art. Outstanding work of art is announced externally through exhibitions, fashion show, contests, and suchlike.

The mottos of the course are, (1) “Carry out creative activities backed by an outstanding art”, (2) “Never make a work of art, which can not be identified, once the tag is removed. Propose a design that no one else can substitute”, (3)”Take the leadership of the world when doing it”, (4) “Do it every day without fail”, and (5) “Never give up”. The graduate students must work hard together bearing these mottos on their chest.

Fashion Design Course