Screening Method

2019 Enrollment, Screening method of “General Entrance Examination” and “Working people Entrance Examination” (Outline)

The working people entrance examination (for eligibility requirements for examination, please check here) is conducted only for applicants to the Division of Fashion Management.

※ Applicants should be sure to obtain the “Enrollment Guide” and “Application

1. Required Documents and Examination Fee
  Required documents Remarks Check list
General entrance examination Working people entrance examination
Japanese Foreigner Japanese Foreigner
1 Application form Use the application form designated by BFGU (attached to the “Application Guidelines”). Attach a photograph of the applicant (face and upper body).
2 Report on work activities, etc. Clearly state necessary information in the form prescribed by BFGU (attached to the “Application Guidelines”). ※ Only those who wish to apply for the “Entrance Examination for Working People” shall submit the said report.    
3 Address label Clearly state the contact address of the applicant in the label prescribed by BFGU (attached to the “Application Guidelines”).
4 Graduation certificate or expected graduation certificate of the last school attended  
5 Academic transcript of the last school attended  
6 Graduation certificate of the highest academic background Applicants do not need to submit said graduation certificate if it’s the same as that of the last school attended. If the applicant went on a vocational college after graduating a university, etc., submit the certificate of such university, etc. (junior college, graduate school).
7 Degree cartificate
(Bachelor, Master or Ph.D.)
Please submit only if you were granted a degree from a university or a graduate school outside Japan. (●) (●) (●) (●)
8 “Eligibility Requirements for Examination” [8] in correspondence to application approval notice. Please submit “Eligibility Requirements for Examination” [8] only to the applicable person. (required pre-interview) (●) (●) (●) (●)
9 Documents that certify Japanese language proficiency Please submit a copy to certify you have successfully passed exams and interviews relating to your Japanese ability (“Eligibility Requirements for Examination” [9]). (“Eligibility Requirements for Examination” [9] 4 is required pre-interview)    
10 Academic transcript by Japanese language education institutions Certificates issued by Japanese language schools    
11 Attendance record by Japanese language education institutions    
12 Diploma or certificate of enrollment by Japanese language education institutions    
13 Financial support information form Clearly state the necessary information in the form prescribed by BFGU (attached to the “Application Guidelines”). The “financial sponsor” is responsible for school fees while the student is enrolled as well as necessary expenses that may occur. Should there any problems concerning academic studies or student life the school requires a “domestic emergency contact” (with in Japan) who can be contacted in regards to these matters.    
14 Copy of resident card Copies of both sides (even if nothing has been entered); black-and-white or color copies are acceptable. Those who do not have resident status in Japan nor a resident card are not required to submit such copies.    
15 Copy of passport Copies of the pages showing the expiration date and your name; black-and-white or color copies are acceptable.    
Each document to be submitted should be the original unless otherwise stated. (copies are no accepted)
We will not accept submitted documents if there is any inadequacy or omission.
If there is possible doubt that false information has been provided on your application documents, admissions will be terminated.
In addition, there may be a demand to submit further documents that are deemed necessary.
When documents from section 4〜7 are not written in either Japanese or English, you are to accompany these documents with a translation of the original content into Japanese or English. In this case proof is required that the document was translated correctly, please do so by having the translator sign and stamp the document to prove it was translated correctly or alternatively have it signed and officially stamped by the original school this document was certified by.

For details, please see the “Application Guidelines”.

● Entrance examination fee

In the case of the remittance from inside Japan

35,000 yen
Bank transfer. Use the remittance form provided by BFGU (attached to the “Application Guidelines”).

In the case of the remittance from overseas

(1) Bank details

Bank Address: 1-25-1,nishishinjyuku,shinjyuku-ku,tokyo,163-0676,JAPAN
Bank Telephone Number: 81-3-3345-1221

Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
Bank Code: 0001
Branch Number:209

Account No.: 1864654

(2) Instructions on remittance

Examination fee
Remit the examination fee, converting it into the amount equivalent to 35,000 yen.
Bank transfer fee
The bank transfer fee shall be charged by banks in the sender’s country as well as the recipient’s country (Japan). Make sure to pay the both fees: (Transfer amount = Examination fee of 35,000 yen + Bank transfer fees in both countries).
Please note that if the amount received by BFGU is less than 35,000 yen, we are unable to follow the normal application procedures.
Entry of applicant’s name
For the purpose of checking the receipt of payment, make sure to fill out an applicant’s name in the column of the “MESSAGE IF ANY” on the APPLICATION FOR REMITTANCE.
2. Examination Venue and Examination Subjects

● Examination Venue

Bunka Fashion Graduate University

(3-22-1, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

● Examination subjects

※ conducted in Japanese

Division of Fashion Creation

Fashion design illustration (90 minutes)
Short essay (60 minutes)
Self-presentation and interview (about 15〜20 minutes per applicant)
・Presentation of three works (maximum)※1 created during the past
 two years and introduction of works using a portfolio
・Presentation of design sketchbook
・Question-and-answer session with the interviewer(s)
1 Presentation of one or more garments produced during the past two years.
  Three full coordinated outfits are acceptable, too. If the combined total is less
  three or less garments then it is acceptable to present items such as fashion

(Division of Fashion Creation)

Division of Fashion Management

Short essay (90 minutes)
Self-promotion※2 and interview (about 15〜20 minutes per applicant)
・Graduation thesis and prepublication papers to magazines, etc.,
 presentation and explanation of a business plan, etc.
・Question-and-answer session with the interviewer(s)

2 Please finish the presentation with a thesis and plan in around 10 minutes.

◎ Applicant who have obtained level 1 of the Fashion Business Proficiency Test
  are exempted from the “(1) Short essay“ tests.

◎ Applicants for the entrance examination for working people are exempted
from the “(1) Short essay“ tests.

(Division of Fashion Management)

3. Judgment of acceptance and announcement of
  examination results

We will determine your admission by making a thorough screening of application documents and examination results in a comprehensive manner.
The result of the entrance examination shall be sent by mail, dispatching on the “announcement date of results” of each term. The announcement shall not be posted on the bulletin board of BFGU. We shall not respond to any telephone inquiries regarding the examination results to avoid misunderstanding.

4. Enrollment procedure

The enrollment procedure will be deemed to be completed when the specified tuition and fees are paid by the prescribed deadline.
Please refer to the tuition fees pages for further information.

Please pay the tuition fees to the allocated bank using the bank deposit transfer form (sent to the applicants who have successfully passed the screening process)
As a general rule we ask applicants to make payment directly at the bank teller.
The transfer bank’s date stamp proves completion of the payment. Keep this receipt as your copy the university will not issue another receipt.
The bank deposit transfer form for the tuition fee payment for the second semester is scheduled to be sent out in July.